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Divers of all types can be considered Divers of Distinction. People who discover long forgotten wrecks after searching the ocean depths. Military divers who risked all to complete their mission. Recreational dive guru who make important discoverys. The accolade doesn't have to be for people who are famous either. A diver supporting the community, environment or diving in dangerous conditions for the greater good. The list is endless but generally it recognises divers who have made an achievement, as minor as helping support this website or making a difference some other way. Click the submit link if theres someone you know who you think is worthy of this accolade.

Field of Diving / Occupation
Worthy Deeds of Diving
John Chatterton
Wreck Diving
A former commercial diver who is now considered a famous Wreck Diving specialist. The Andrea Doria was dived by him over 160 times. He who has discovered many wrecks, including the german submarine U-869.
Jacques Cousteau



Pioneer of scuba diving and discoverer of many dive sites. Largely credited with introducing the world to scuba diving.
Clive Cussler
Writer and Wreck Diving Mogul.
Founded NUMA which is a non-profit organisation which seeks out and discovers shipwrecks. Also famous for many of his novels which feature wreck diving.
Ritchie Kohler
Technical Diver
Tech Diver and explorer of Shipwrecks around the world
Louis Marden
Underwater Photographer
National Geographic's very own adventurer and explorer. Pioneer of underwater-color photography. Worked with Jacques Cousteau aboard the Calypso. Discovered the remains of 'The Bounty' off Pitcairn Island.
  David Shaw Cave Diver An intrepid Cave Diver who successfully reached the bottom of Bushmans Hole at 270m. Whilst there he discovered Deon Dryers body who disappeared in 1994 at the bottom. On his second attempt to recover Deon his torch got entangled in his reel upon returning to the shotline and he was unable to ascend. He died of oxygen starvation. An impromptu rescue attempt to recover them nearly ended in disaster when the stand-by diver could not reach them. As the shotline was retrieved, both bodies floated up to the surface entangled together, ending the Saga of Bushmans Hole.
David Stone
Commercial Diver and Equipment Supplier
The Argonautic-online which supports Diving Lore in its on-going operations


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