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For all those who wish to learn the ways of diving there must be those who can teach them it.
For every diver who takes the first step into the blue world there are some who will go on to the reach the highest levels of scuba diving.

For tropical / sub tropical resorts seeing large numbers of tourists visit there is a constant demand for those who can introduce new divers to the many dive sites the area has to offer.

The actual career path for diving can vary, in club based dive organisations the path is usually strictly regimented in accrediting experience and can take years of training before attaining the necessary credentials. These include BSAC, CMAS and PSI.
While others favour a more fast-track approach whereby a diver can attend course after course at a dive resort and over the course of under a hundred dives and six months can end up as an instructor teaching entry level diving. A classic example of this is the PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor (PADI OWSI) program which is incredibly popular in Australia, SE Asia and the USA.

Employment in diving is not only restricted to Instructor level. PADI Divemasters, BSAC Dive Leaders and CMAS 3 Star divers are all considered competent to plan and lead dives for others, thus at a dive resort you will occasionally find them employed with the job of leading scuba divers safely around dive sites that they are familiar with.

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