The Last Frontier


Antarctica Bases

Research Bases in Antarctica

Nation Research Station Base Details  
US McMurdo Station The Primary US Base housing nearly 1,500 personnel in the summertime and  
US Amundsen-Scott    
US Byrd    
UK Halley    
UK Rothera    


Antarctica has several nations that have claimed areas of Antarctica. These include Britain, Norway, The USA, Argentina and Russia.

There are 67 known Bases and research stations in Antarctica. These include:


Amerson Scott -



The Antarctica News


Emergency Info

Hyperbaric Chambers are available at certain bases. The UK base being one of them. In the Rothera facility a state-of-the-art lab is situated there. Called the Bonner Lab it houses an internal decompression chamber for operations in the winter or summer.
Dive safely and avoid taking risks that may result in a fast ascent.

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