Cuba Diving

Forbidden Diving Paradise


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Cuba Diving

Havana is famous for its rowdy and raunchy nightlife and may be a good place to set up for diving. Several resorts are spread around Cuba, these are: Isla Juventud, Maria la Gorda, Marina Tatara and Playa Larga.

It is likely that the dive sites will be fairy busy.

Cuba is the home of no diving organisations.


Weather Conditions Cuba

Cuba is a large island that benefits from near-equatorial weather throughout it's country. The coastal cities are cooled somewhat by the caribbean winds

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Dive Scene

The trend for diving in Cuba is interesting. No US-registered trademarks are openly permitted to operate here, as such PADI, the diving organisation of choice for many is barred from operating. With the recent death of Fidel Castro this isolation from the rest of the diving world may thaw. Diving usually operates under CMAS system or the ACUC one (A Canadian outfit).

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Emergency Info

Hyperbaric Chambers are available in Cuba, there are 10 known chambers in the country.

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