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Egypt is considered THE Mecca for diving. The proximity to Europe and the number of shipwrecks from WW2 see thousands of divers descend to egypt for diving. Sharm El Shieks dive sites are considered second to few. It's a brilliant location for using as a stepping stone to dive the excellent Thistlegorm and many more wrecks in the Red Sea. Away from the famous and widely known dive sites of Egypt are many more waiting to be visited. These tend to be coral formations and other sea-worthy sites.

For diving out of Alexandria there is another gold mine of dive sites from ancient times which the sea claimed in mysterious circumstances.

Cleopatra's city: This city dates back to 300 BC, and was build by Alexander the Great. It is a complete city with palaces, monuments and even shipwrecks.

Cleopatra Palace: is located inside the Western Port of Alexandria. You will enjoy seeing Cleopatra's royal districts, the statue of Mark Anthony and other monuments. Moreover another spot for diving is the debris of Cleopatra's sun boat and the wreckage of a 2nd World War plane that exists inside Cleopatra's palace.

It is said that the dive sites, are quiet and peaceful in the mediterranean and busy in the Red Sea.

The Best Dive Site is without exception - The Thistlegorm

Egypt is the home of no diving organisations that we know of.

Weather Conditions Egypt

Chile is a large country by the Mediterranean and Red Sea. The equatorial climate is hot and arid. Most of this country is flat desert with little rain. They say diving in a European winter is the best time of the year.

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Dive Scene

The trend for diving in Egypt is the resort-based system and dive schools. For foreigners this is beneficial as many set up operations at tourist hotels and places where foreigners like to travel to.

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Emergency Info

Hyperbaric Chambers are available in the event of an emergency. As yet we do not have further details.

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