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While India might be more well known for its gurus, history and mysticism, diving in India is also a force.
3 key locations form the diving mecca's of India.
Goa, the fabled territory once colonised and settled by the Portugese.
The Andaman Islands which are still untamed and hardly touched.
The Nicobar Islands, possibly even more remote and undived. The latter two being among the best kept secrets for dive locations in Asia.

Other dive sites are to the south of Pondicherry and the

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Weather Conditions

The summer monsoon season in India is legendary for it's downpours. You can avoid the brunt of the monsoon by residing in the central area of India (in and around Hyderabad) but there is no diving here. Along the coast is typically the heaviest rainfall which begins around June time. In summer the winds are from the west. In the winter, from the east. The winter monsoon being a milder version.


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Emergeny Info

Hyperbaric Chambers are available in the event of an emergency. To date there are about 28 chambers in the UK.

For Advice on Diving Related Incidents phone : +91 98193-46046

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