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Diving in Russia

Little is known yet.
Expect conditions to be freezing and the water to hover around the 1 - 10 degree's celcius mark for most of the year. The waters in Russia include: The northern Pacific Ocean and Bering Sea from the Eastern fringes of Russia. Then all along the northern border is the forboding and icy Artic Ocean. Secondary waters in Russia include the Black Sea which the Russian fleet currently operates from (via leased land in the Ukraine). Ice diving is a recognised and thriving diving pursuit here.
Expect the water's in many non-industrial areas to be pristine amid the winter wonderland...


Weather Conditions

Russia has a sub-artic through to temperate climate depending on your location in the vast country. Being in the Northern Hemisphere and sitting high in the latitude plane, far north of the equator.

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Dive Scene

The trend for diving in Russia is unknown but likely to be club or independent-based dive teams.

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Emergency Info

Hyperbaric Chamber facilities are currently unknown in Poland. There are ???.

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