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Diving in South Africa

Expect conditions to be cold for most of the year and the water to hover around the 8 - 18 degree's celcius mark for most of the year. The waters in South Africa include: The Atlantic Ocean and The Mediterranean where both bodies of water meet at The Straits of Gibralter, a place of fast flowing currents which historically have been a key strategic area. The Balaeric Isles and Gibralter are noted diving areas. The waters are typically of good visibility and the waters are in a sub-tropical zone for the southern regions of Spain
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Weather Conditions

Spain has a mild temperate climate in the far north but a more sub-tropical one in the southern regions for most of the summer. Being in the northern hemisphere and sitting not to high on the latitude plane, just north of the equator.

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Dive Scene

The trend for diving in South Africa is usually a resort-based diving scene with some clubs also diving the waters.

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Emergency Info

Hyperbaric Chamber facilities are available in Spain. Expect them to be in the major cities or naval facilities. There are ???.

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