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The Lore of Albion takes us back to a different time, a different age. It was a time when the great tribal migrations of pre-history had come to an end and a new era was dawning.

The Celts in Europe

In Brittania prior even to the Roman legions setting foot across the English Channel there was a culture that embraced the ancient, some say elder gods.

It was a time when the fair Celtic peoples in Europe thrived across the land. From Ireland across the waters to Wales and what would become England. From England it spread across to Gaul and then on to central Europe, skirting the Germanic lands. All the way to the fringes of Dacia (or modern day Yugoslavia). At their high water mark they launched mighty raids and even sacked the legendary Delphi of its treasure before withdrawing back to their homelands with the loot.

The Celts in Albion followed an ancient path that was laid out by druids. Almost all we know of the druids was from the roman accounts of the times. These accounts told volumes but were almost certainly biased towards a pro-roman point of view.
The Druids were wise and to join their ranks it took many years of learning the secret knowledge they carried with them.
Nothing was written down and their teachings were almost entirely by word-of-mouth and memorised. While this almost certainly prevented their knowledge and teachings from falling into the wrong hands it meant their actual powers and history is debatable.

Bards learned from them, as did the ancient warriors of Ireland - The Fianna Fail


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