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USA Diving Overview

No country has dominated the diving industry like the USA. Its PADI headquarters is based here along with numerous other diving organisations vying for supremecy in the lucrative diving market. Diving is big business and many regions of the US have established dedicated diving resorts and schools for the hordes of holiday-divers eager to take to the water.

Expense in diving can vary according to the region. Dive Sites are aplenty in this vast region. The East Coast, West Coast and the Gulf of Mexico all have many and varied dive sites. Freshwater diving is also very popular, as not only are there an abundance of great lakes but for the states lying inland it is often where the closest dive sites are.


USA Weather Conditions

The USA is in the Northern Hemisphere and it has a variable temperate depending on the which part of the USA you are in. There is best time of year varies on which part of the US you visit for diving. California and the southern states tend to enjoy warm winters while the rest of the country further north is chilly and in the summer parts of the north are suitable for diving in a wetsuit.

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USA Dive Scene

The trend for diving in the USA is about just over half of it being resort based and the rest being club based. PADI is the predominant dive organisation closely followed by NAUI.

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USA Emergency Info


Hyperbaric Chambers available in every state and the numbers can vary from a single chamber to over fifty depending on where you go diving.
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