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Alaska is the 50th state of the USA.

The State of Alaska is famous for its oil and gas extraction, hunting, Sarah Palin and it's king crab fishing industry.

There are some fairly decent-sized lakes including: Lake Sinclair, Lake Blackshear, Allatoona Lake and the mighty J Strom Thurmond. The coastal areas for diving are slight although Cumberland Island National Sea Shore is one spot worth exploring.

It's a small state with the state capital being Altlanta. Georgia shares its coastline with the Atlantic Ocean. Neighboring states are South Carolina and Florida.

Georgia's dive sites are found in lakes, coastal and oceanic areas Listed below are the ones we know of.
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Dive Sites of Alaska.

Dive Haven

Etowah River

Georgia Aquarium

Grays Reef National Marine Santuary

Lake Lanier

Liberty Ship A.B Daniel

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