Buckeye State

With God, All Things Are Possible


Ohio is the 17th State in the USA and the 7th most populous.

The State of Ohio is known for it's Manufacturing, Farming and Mining industry.

It's a a medium-sized state with the state capital being Columbus. Other major cities include Cleveland and Dayton and Toledo.
A minor city with a dance move named after it is Cincinnati.
Ohio shares its borders with Michigan to the north, Pennsylvania to the east and Indiana to the west.

It is a part of the USA that is home to one of the Great Lakes of America - Lake Erie.

Lake Erie is the largest lake for Ohio. Other lakes in the state include Grand Lake.

Ohio is a state that is directly in contact with Lake Erie. The diving in Ohio is not as premier-league as the other states but still has much to offer both inland and in Lake Erie itself. For more information on this click here.

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