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Texas is the 28th state of the USA.

The State of Texas is renowned for its oil and natural gas, farming, steel , insurance and tourism.

Perhaps one of the most famous of the states it's a long and accomplished history, from it's stormy and fiery times in the 1800s. through to the big oil discovery's in the 1900s.

In recent times Houston being the city where NASAs space control centre is located.

Defiance, pioneering spirit and a healthy 'Good ole' Boy Attitude' are all hallmarks of the Texan people.
Texas is a huge state in america with the state capital being Austin.
Other major cities include the world famous Dallas, Houston and Waco.
Some of the most liberal firearm laws are present here, although strangely, open carry is not allowed without a permit.

Texas Waters

The Gulf of Mexico is the major body of water and there are plenty of lakes in the central areas of Texas.

It's dive sites are lakes, shoreline and oceanic.

The Lakes in Texas include: Coffee Mill Lake, Marine Creek, Lake Summerville, Lake Waco, Toledo Bend Reservoir and Hubbard Creek.

Texas Dive Sites

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