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Wisconsin is the 30th state in the USA and is a Great Lakes State.

The State of Wisconsin is known for it's dairy products, machinery, paper and tourism.
It is a part of the USA that is home to two of the Great Lakes of America - Lake Superior and Lake Michigan.

While Lake Superior and Lake Michigan are the largest lakes for Wisconsin their are other, smaller lakes to consider.
These include the medium-sized Lake Winnebago, Trout Lake, Keyes Lake, Sparkling Lake, Crystal Lake.

The Islands nearby to Wisconsin include the Apostle Islands National Lakeshore.

A national park with dive sites includes Northern Highland State Forest.

It's a large state with the state capital being Madison. Other major cities include Milwauke, Wisconsin Rapids and Ashland.
The state shares its borders with Michigan to the north and east, Illinois to the south and Minnesota and Iowa to the west.


Wisconsins dive sites are listed below. Click on one for more details.

Dive Sites of Wisconsin.

Crystal Lake

Devils Lake


Flynn's Quarry

Gills Quarry

Keyes Lake

Lake Wazee

Lannon Quarry

Lower Pine Lake

Milwauke Car Ferry

Ocean Wave

Red Granite Quarry



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