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Diving in Venezuela

Diving conditions in Venezuela are of a warm, tropical climate throughout the year, the waters in the mediterranean are warm and are in the 22 - 30 degree's celcius mark depending on the time of day. In the Black Sea the water temperature is lower due to it being further north. The waters around Turkey include: The Mediterranean and the Black Sea. Nearby to Turkey is the traditional rival Greece. Turkey is considered by many to be the gateway to Asia and a crossroads of civilisations; where east meets west.


Weather Conditions

Venezuela has an lush, moist climate throughout much of the country. At the higher elevations in the Andes and the Guiana Highlands expect a cooler temperature but overall the equatorial climate means a benevolent weather cycle. However the occasional hurricane can sometimes fringe the country.

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Dive Scene

The trend for diving in Venezuela is mostly a resort-based diving scene with a few clubs for more independant diving.

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Emergency Info

Hyperbaric Chamber facilities are unknown in Venezuela.




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