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Offshore Platform - Irish Sea Pioneer

Platform Size - Small.

Platform Location - Irish Sea, location varies according to task being undertaken.

Condition - Good.

Hydrocarbon Output - None, used as a support Jack-Up Platform/ Flotel.

Maximum Persons On Board (POB) - 80.

Platform Operational - 1990s.

Offshore Welfare facilities (Internal) -

The Good

Recreational room is comfortable and has big-screen TV and a Wii games console.
A small library is here which is fairly well stocked.
All phones are unlocked and some rooms have phones installed. Only 4 outside lines can be used at once however.
Internet computers room are moderately quick, 3 internet machines.
Small but decently equipped gym.
DVDs are available.
The food is predicable and quite bland.
The entire Accommodation module is HVAC of course, but not so you'd notice it.
There is enough locker space but make sure you bring a padlock.
The cabins are quite spacious and comfortable. Air-con is nice and chilly.
There is a comfortable smokers lounge which has an excellent extraction system.

The Bad

There is an old boys mentality here. Freelance/Contract workers are not made very welcome with certain chairs seemingly 'belonging' to certain grizzled offshore folk.
H2S is present and a danger. All personnel out and about on the platorm are required to carry H2S monitors and breathing gas on them at all times. This makes general work activities and movement a bit more tiring.
The Bond has all cigarettes at full price (Tax included)

Offshore Welfare (External) - 1 Smoke area is located in the boot locker room. The platform is easy to get around and predictable for the newcomer.
Food is available during morning and afternoon breaks.
The senior management are a grizzled but even-handed bunch.

Platform Emergency Drills - Evident and carried out weekly (usually on a Saturday or Sunday) and often includes lifeboat mobilisation (shy of launching).

Overview - Located in the Irish Sea sector of the North Sea the Irish Sea Pioneer is essential for an extra workforce to augment existing personnel in construction activities and shutdown work.

The energy company BHP is the owner and operator of this platform. Safety is taken seriously. The platform lies in the Orion Field of the North Sea. Safety features include the standard issue 'Davit' lifeboat system
The primary contracting company that provides personnel for the oil platform is Petrofac and PSN. This review is valid as at 8th August 2008.

OPR Rating - 5.5 / 10. To submit your additional review of the platform click here.

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