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Murchison Oil Platform

Platform Size - Medium.

Platform Location - North Sea (Approx 250 miles North-East of Aberdeen, beyond Scatster)

Condition - Weathered.

Hydrocarbon Output - 5,000 barrels a day.

Maximum Persons On Board (POB) - 140 (est).

Platform Operational - 1980.

Offshore Welfare facilities (Internal) -

The Good

The cafeteria is good quality both in food and service. A big screen TV is located nearby in both a non-smoking and smoking lounge..

Internet (Four terminals) connection is slow and runs at a fast modem speed. Three free telephones, one of them being in a public area (Heli-Admin, no booth), two being on the boot-locker level. The phones are for national calls (not international) The Mirchison Guidelines state no call should exceed 20 minutes, even if no-one is waiting. Outside in the platform work zones there are no known phones for outside calls.
Accommodation areas within the module are 2 person bunks with a basic TV. The HVAC system ensures an icy blast of air blows inside each cabin. This is adjustable to a warmer temperature though.
A well-equiped gym and games room. The games room having a pool table, 3 PCs (only one with speakers). Near to the TV lounge is an open rec-room which has the internet area tucked away discretly and has a table-tennis and darts board, plus board games.
The Bond sells duty free goods (including cigarettes).

The Bad

Accommodation is undergoing a refit but as it stands the cabins are in a substandard condition. The Showers, sinks and toilets, while attached to each cabin are shared with the adhacent cabin and no locks are present for privacy within. So essentially you have to share with 3 others first thing before shift and when shift finishes. Accessing the internet requires paperwork authorisation that must first be given approval from an onshore IT department. This can take nearly a week to get. It also means that the login and password each user is issued with can be tracked via what websites you browse on...
The internet speed is slow, possibly due to it being filtered through a poor isp.
The check-in procedure for flying off Murchison is utterly insane, the check-in times are early in the morning (0700 hrs), requiring you to pack up your bags, move them up to the heli-admin, THEN after weighing them, take your bags back down to the boot locker again to work until your flight arrives!

As this platform is in the Far-northern reaches of the North Sea Oil Zone it takes the longest to travel from (via Scatster).

Work Area Welfare - No known phones exist outside the accommodation module for outside calls to the mainland. No exterior toilets are on the platform. It's inside the accommodation module only...

Platform Emergency Drills - Periodically carried out at the OIMs discretion.

Overview - Located in the Ninians Field of the North Sea the Forties Platforms are within sight of the Thisle and Miller Platorms to the north. An easy-going atmosphere is present on-board this platform. The OIM is considered the laughing and jovial OIM of the platform and he oversees all with a Reagan-esque approach.

The oil company CNR (Canadian Natural Resources) is the owner and operator of the Murchison. The primary contracting company that provides personnel for the oil platform is Petrofac, Cape and PSN.

OPR Rating - 6.5 / 10. To submit your additional review of the platform click here.

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