About the Pacific

The Pacific ocean is the largest body of water on the planet. It takes its names from the latin words Mare Pacificum or Peaceful Sea. This is arguable as tropical Cyclones and Typhoons can batter the many small islands in the pacific.

Extending from Malacca Straits in the west to Peru and Columbia in the east the depths can reach nearly 11,000 meters at its deepest point (Marianas Trench). Many submerged islands lie underneath the Pacific and one theory is that they formed part of an ancient landmass aeons ago.

Whether this is true or not is arguable, however this part of the world is known for it's 'ring of fire'; a series of geographical faults and areas where sub-sea earthquakes and subsequent tsunami's occur.

It is home to the great barrier reef and thousands of small islands. Notable islands include: Micronesia, The Philipines and the Soloman Isles.

Including the several seas adjoining the Pacific the ocean has a total size of nearly 70,000,000 miles.

Notable seas off the Pacific include:

The South China Sea

The Bering Strait

The Yellow Sea

Straits of Malacca

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